Mariah Guzman worked at ESPN as a production assistant producing multimedia content. She worked on Sports Center at Night producing game highlights, video elements and worked on the show staff for NFL Live. This also includes producing highlights for other ESPN programs as well including: Sports Center with Scott Van Pelt, Baseball Tonight, In the Crease, NFL Primetime, Monday night football and the LA Sports Center program.

In her time with ESPN, Guzman had the opportunity to produce high-end NFL game highlights and elements, work on the staff for the 2021 CFP National Championship, various Formula 1 Grand Prix's, and produce MLB playoff highlights.

Chicago cubs vs. Milwaukee brewers

In the last 3 seasons, Cubs hitters have been hit by Brewers pitchers 27 times — the most by ANY team against any opponent in that span. I took full control of the storytelling of this highlight from communication with producers to working with graphics editors. Here’s how I was able to tell the story from Saturday’s game on SportsCenter. One of my favorite baseball highlights.


Formula 1 Miami Grand prix

The first edition of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and I couldn’t miss my chance to put together this highlight. With enhancements and sound, along with an element I pitched added outside of the highlight.

Formula 1 Saudi arabian grand prix

Produced the highlight telling the news aspect of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix as well as the story of the race itself.


Jan. 10 -- The night of the CFP Championship I worked on the staff that focused solely on producing content surrounding the game. After Georgia's win, an idea came up to make a light-hearted video focusing on Kirby Smart's excitement throughout the game.

Browns vs. Packers

Dec. 25 -- On Christmas day, Aaron Rodgers broke Brett Favre's record for the most career passing TD's in Packers history. Later that game, Rodgers and Davante Adams also broke a Packers record for the most TD passes by quarterback-receiver duo.

Colts vs. Patriots RETREATMENT

Dec. 18 -- For Sports Center I worked on a 'retreatment' for the Patriots vs. Colts. The idea of this is showing the “how” of a win and breaking down a moment (or moments) in the game that stood out. I chose to focus on the Colts rushing numbers and a breakout moment from Jonathan Taylor.

Hornets vs. Kings

Dec. 10 -- For the LA Sports Center show I produced the game highlight for the Hornets vs Kings. The game went down to the wire and included a lot of elements to highlight an emphasize those final moments that led to the Hornets 124-123 win.


Nov. 29 -- Not all game highlights require just the story of what happened in the game -- rather, the most important story line of the game. This shows LaMelo Ball vs his brother Lonzo Ball. While it wasn't the first time the two met, it is the first time they played each other while both of their respective teams were doing well in the Eastern conference.

Titans vs. Patriots

Nov. 28 -- Producing this game highlight involved using great video to sell the story of the Patriots win, as well as sound from Bill Belichick's post-game presser. 

Penguins vs. Flyers

Nov. 4 -- This is a game highlight for the hockey-focused show on ESPN+ "In the Crease". The Penguins vs Flyers game went into overtime and I utilized elements to highlight certain goals and plays of the game.