Tarot Readings

My story: In August of 2023, I walked into a Barnes and Noble, picked up a Tarot Deck and never looked back. I firmly believe that I was divinely called to become a reader.

About Tarot: Formally, Tarot decks were invented in Italy in the 1430s -- used in Tarot games and in fortune telling.

My approach: Tarot reading messages from me come through the form of self-care guidance. I often attract clients who are looking for guidance, feel like they are at a crossroads in life, or need clarity before making a decision for themselves.

What a Tarot reading session entails

I conduct 1:1 Tarot readings remotely, or in person if you are local to Chicago. Sessions are 45 minutes. 

While the cards can speak for themselves, during the session, I also receive intuitively downloaded messages from the Universe that I will share with you if it feels aligned. These messages can come through visions (Clairvoyance) or simply knowing (Claircognizance). 

Book a 1:1 session with me here.

Book Tarot readings for an event or Private Party

Tarot readings are a fun way to add to an event of any kind. Birthday partys, brand events, wellness markets and more.